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About the app

Sezzso is the photo (and video) album app that allows you to create and share personal albums across phone platforms with specific friends and family and commercial promotional content with clients and customers.



You're In Control

Create an album that others can or cannot view. That others can or cannot upload their own additional photos too. That allows photos that are submitted by others to be automatically added to the album or set the security so that they require your approval first. You can decide if people you have shared the album with can share it with others, or whether only you as the administrator and creator of the album can invite people to join and view the album.


Stay Informed

You will receive push notifications of any activity on the app (new photos being added, users wishing to join etc)


Stay Photo Organised

Create albums that make sense of your past photo history. Upload from your libraries. Give the album a name – share and you're done.


Free Up Memory On Your Phone

Photos are held in the cloud. Once there - delete from your phone and free up memory.


Create New Personal Album Experiences

Take photos with your camera from within the app. Having a party - attending a wedding – a festival – get the people you are with to share an album of here and now photos that will then stay with you forever. Don't miss out on promised photos from friends and family ever again. As they take them, you get them.


Create Commercial Photo Albums

Get customers, clients, diners, attendees at your business event, restaurant, festival and so much more to join an album you have created and upload their photos.


Add Comments, Memories & Details

Each photo can have a written message given to it.


Keep Sharing

Photos taken and uploaded to Sezzso can be shared across all the familiar messaging and social media apps.


Stay Safe

If sharing is not an option for an album. Keep it safe under the lock and key of a password so no one else can see it.


You pay for what you use. Pricing is structured around the amount of storage you require for your photos. Don't pay for what you don't need.

After 2 months or going over 250 Photos:

Package 1
£ 0.99 per year
1000 photos
Package 2
£ 2.99 per year
4000 photos
Package 3
£ 5.99 per year
10,000 photos
Package 4
£ 9.99 per year
20,000 photos
Package 5
£ 24.99 per year
50,000 photos
Free for 2 months & up to 250 photos

Free to download

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If you have any questions or require further information on this app or any of its features, please feel free to contact us. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 2 working days.

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